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Before installing the presets please download Lightroom




1. Download the Lightroom app

2. Download received presets

3. Search the device where your file downloads are located;

4. Locate the file (name of downloaded preset).zip;

5. Click on the file;

**  If you have an older version of Android like the one on the video you will need to use a third party app (such as ZArchiver) from the play store to unzip the the files.

If your have a newer version this step is NOT necessary. 

6. When unzipping you will see the preset (this one in .dng);

7. Share the file with Adobe Lightroom;

8. Open Adobe Lightroom;

9. Go to the library, recently added;

10. Open Bia's DNG photo;

11. Click on the 3 dots on the top right;

12. Go to "create new preset";

13. Open preset group;

14. Create a new preset group;

15. Write the name of the pack;

16. Go to preset name;

17. Write the name of the preset;

18. Go back to the files and repeat the process for each preset, this time only creating new preset name and putting the files under the preset group you have created.

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