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What are Lightroom presets?

Lightroom presets (or filters) are predefinitions of colors and lighting that make your photos look more professional with only one click. Normally, editing photos without presets in Lightroom takes a long time because of all the changes that are necessary to have get to the perfect result. 

What is Lightroom ? 

Lightroom is a image manipulation software used by the best photographers worldwide.

Do I need to pay for Adobe Lightroom ?

The mobile version is completely FREE to download. There is a paid version of Lightroom mobile to use certain features, but this is not necessary at all to use the presets.

Is buying your presets a one-time purchase or is there a monthly/yearly fee ?

Buying our preset pack is a one-time purchase. Once you download the presets they are your with no other added fees. 

Do I need a desktop to use the presets ?

These presets are made for Lightroom mobile, you only need your mobile phone.

Can I use the presets on my desktop?

These presets are made for Lightroom mobile, you are only able to use on the mobile version of Lightroom.

I have never used Presets, is it hard to use ?

Once you install the presets, it is very easy to use. It only takes a few seconds to edit a photo, with very few adjustments.

I applied to presets and my skin turned out too dark/ light?

Please watch this tutorial 

I applied to presets and my photo is too bright/dark?

Please watch this tutorial 

How do I get the presets when I buy them?

Once the payment is approved you will be able to download the zip files. You will also receive an email with a link to download the files. 

How do I install the presets ?

Please watch the installation tutorial here

If I don't like the presets, can I get a refund?

Since presets are digital product and cannot be returned, I am unable to issue refunds.

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